About this Website

This website is my personal website. On this site, I will post various items, such as stories and interesting articles I have written, links to other websites I am creating or have created, and more. In other words, this is my portfolio website, where I can showcase my work.

A brief history of the website follows:

When I was younger, I was always curious to know how websites were created. I liked to play around with Word Processing programs imagining how my website would look. But, I never had an idea that a special language (HyperText Markup Language — HTML) was used to create the pages — or that I could create a site using my personal computer.

Finally, in 2005 — several years after I had learned about HTML and other web languages — I decided to buy a book on HTML to make my dream come true. I was amazed that I was able to begin creating web pages within a morning of reading the book and working examples! I decided to just make web pages for my own pleasure; I never intended to post them on the web, just because I didn’t think I had anything the world could enjoy.

That changed, however, just a year later. I knew that I enjoyed writing and I enjoyed Formula 1. So, I decided to combine my hobbies into a website. In 2006, I registered the domain names www.kyle-gottfried.com and www.kylegottfried.com, and began work on my new website. The site was quickly expanded to include information on American Football, another of my passions, and Soccer, because of the World Cup. I soon learned that having a multiple subject website written solely in HTML would be very tricky to keep updated.

In 2007, after learning to write pages in PHP, I began to convert the website. I had my Formula 1 website working well, as well as my website covering the CFL and NFL, but I never got around to completely implementing my section on Soccer. Unfortunately, in 2008, my (previous) web hosting provider upgraded their PHP software, which rendered my wonderful website unusable. At that time, having started college and being too busy studying to update the website, I decided to make it mainly a personal website.

Around this time, I also decided that I was paying my old web host way too much money for the service I was receiving, and I decided to move hosts. To make matters worse, my old web host allowed three of my domain names to expire — they didn’t even send me a reminder to renew! I figured that was the last straw, and I began a search to find a new web host/domain name registrar. I discovered my current web host (MacHighway) and decided that, since their prices were less, and their website was much better laid out than my previous web host’s, I would give them a try. I then began the process of migrating web hosts and, well, let’s just say that I am glad I did it during summer vacation!

Along with the web server move came a small web site re-design, in an attempt to better serve my visitors. This served me well until recently, when I realized that the website is looking dated and bland. I also need to transition from HTML 4, which was current about a decade ago, to the new standard, HTML5. I am slowly working to make those changes and the website is definitely in a transitional phase right now. Hopefully, by the end of 2020, the website will be made current and will continue to serve me well for the next decade!

That is the history of the site. I hope you enjoy your visit.

About Me

My name is Kyle Gottfried, as is obvious from the website’s domain name (I hope). I must admit that I am not really very good at writing about myself, but here is an attempt.

I am an entrepreneur who currently owns three companies: Puner Enterprises, LLC, which is a company designed to promote a comic strip, Puner vs. Snow, that my brother, Corey, and I created in 2011; Paragon Virtual Services, LLC, which offers virtual assistant, copywriting, and web design services; and Pavo Holdings, LLC, which is a holding company for the other two companies — and others that I eventually plan to create. When I am not working, I am an aspiring writer and enjoy working with computers.

I graduated from college in 2012 with a BA in German. Before becoming an accidental entrepreneur, I had planned to become a translator, teacher, or linguist. Quite a change, isn’t it?

I am sure you are asking: “Why a website?” Well, as I said, when I am not working — which, honestly, isn’t very often — I enjoy many different things, including writing, computer programming, racing, auto repair, music, etc. So, back in 2006, I decided to combine my love of writing, computer programming, and racing to create a website — also realizing a dream. It has evolved over the years and more information is available here: About the Site. Today, it is a portfolio website so I can showcase my written works and, if ever I program something wonderful, my programming accomplishments.

I hope that this hasn’t been boring. Even if it is, you’re the one who asked for it — you clicked on my link! I think I have touched on the surface and given the important points. If you want to find out about me, you are in the online haven regarding me. Look around, and you will certainly find something that brings out the true me — eventually.

Finally, for all you who are like me and like to know the handedness of a person... I am left-handed. So, I give all my left-handed visitors a special welcome.

With that, I say to all you, my visitors, “Thank you for visiting my website, and enjoy your time here!”