The Untitled Story Told from a Squirrel’s Perspective

I poked my head up from out of the grass, looking for nuts. Being the middle of autumn, I needed to collect nuts for winter food. Across the big, black, hard, hot grass with yellow lines, I found the biggest walnut I had ever seen! I knew I needed to get that nut.

“What harm could it do?” I asked myself before crossing the black patch of grass. So, I stepped onto the gravel separating the green grass from the black grass. Then I stepped onto the hot black grass. The “grass” hurt my feet and I scampered over to the other side. When I hit the gravel, I slowed down, and my feet cooled when I stepped into the green grass on the other side.

Once on the other side, I grabbed the walnut that I had found. Once I had the nut in my mouth, I almost toppled from its weight. I looked around the immediate area for a suitable burial place. But, finding none, I decided to return to the other side of the black grass.

That’s when the trouble began...

As I stepped onto the black grass, I felt the Earth begin to shake and I heard an awful noise. I paused for a moment, wondering what was going on. I thought about turning back, but home was on the other side. “Go ahead, go home!” I said to myself, as I forced my legs to move me in the direction of home. “You’ll be safe at home.”

I gathered my courage and started to move. I was on the side of the two yellow lines closest to my home, when this noisy shiny beast appeared. It was moving quickly and I hardly had time to think. It was near me; I could feel the wind from it on my back! My heart began to beat tremendously! I was sure that I was going to die, go to the great big tree in the sky...

But, then something happened that I hadn’t expected: I heard a noise, like a bird letting out a long loud chirp. The big beast went behind me. I scurried off, back into the grass near my house — off the big black grass. The beast continued on down the big black grass, its terrible roar becoming quieter. I began to feel safe again, but still continued on to my house.

Closer to home, I found a good burial place for my nut, which I never let drop from my mouth in the entire ordeal. After burying my nut, I returned to my house. My family greeted me and I gave them a great big hello. I was just glad to see them again. I know that I’ll never cross the big, black, hard, hot grass just for a big walnut again.

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