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This page lists some of my better written works. I will publish works here when they are finished. All of the works are copyrighted by me. Please do not reproduce them without my written permission. However, you are free to link to the articles.

All About Cinnamon
This is an essay I wrote in 2007, while I was a senior in high school. A research essay on the history and uses of cinnamon, it was published in the magazine Countryside shortly after my high school graduation.

Life with Diabetes
This is an assignment I prepared in the spring semester of 2011, while a senior in college, for a writing class I took. It is a personal narrative, interspersed with researched information about diabetes. [Author’s note: Through personal experience and further research, I have discovered some inaccurate information was contained in this article; I have added notes to correct that inaccurate information.]

The Night the Wall Came Down
Inspired by the twentieth anniversary celebrations of the fall of the Berlin Wall, in 2009, I prepared this short story for a college writing class. It is the inspiration for a novel on which I have been working since 2012.

The Untitled Story Told from a Squirrel’s Perspective
This is a cute short-short story that I wrote for a college fiction class in 2009. Written from the perspective of a squirrel, it tells the story of a squirrel crossing a road and nearly getting hit. I was inspired to write the story after dodging a squirrel while driving home from school that semester.

The Note
Originally intended to be a serious mystery story, and written for a fiction class in the spring semester of 2011, this is a parody of the murder and mystery genres. It contains many jokes referencing the genre, the fact that it is a story, and stereotypes of various professions. There is also some bawdy humor, so this may not be safe for work or for children. It was originally intended to be in a book and some jokes reference that. Further, at 23 printed pages, is the longest of all the written items I have on my website.

My Date Wears a Dirndl?
This short story was written for a fiction class in 2011. It is a sci-fi inspired story about a guy who goes on a date with girl who is transported from 1800s Switzerland to the modern day while riding a train.

Sure it’s Only Six Cars, But...
An essay written in 2009, for a college writing class, that gives my personal recounting of having attended the 2005 Formula 1 United States Grand Prix at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

Is There Really Hockey in Indiana?
This article was written in the spring semester of 2011 for a writing class. A project looking into the community of hockey fans in my home city of Indianapolis, Indiana, this article uses a USHL game as a backdrop to recount the history and then-prevailing attitude of hockey fans in Indianapolis and Indiana at-large.

My Name is Kyle, and I am a Racing Junkie...
Written for a spring 2011 writing class, this article describes my mania for racing. Using my relationship with racing to frame the entire piece, this article details how my experiences at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway intertwine with the more-than-a-century-long history of the speedway.

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