My Works

This page lists some of my better written works. I will publish works here when they are finished. All of the works are copyrighted by me. Please do not reproduce them without my written permission (which can be obtained through the Contact page). However, you are free to link to the articles.

All About Cinnamon
This article is, just as it says, all about Cinnamon. It was published in a publication in the United States named Countryside. This article can be found elsewhere on the internet, however, I offer it in its original form for free. (Legally, too!)

The Night the Wall Came Down
A short romance story about a couple who are separated by the Berlin Wall. This story is the inspiration for a novel that I am currently researching and writing.

Life With Diabetes
A discussion of diabetes, with medical research and personal opinions. Written by me for a university literary journalism writing class, it is a narrative of my diagnosis with diabetes and the steps that I had taken to that point to control the disease. This narrative is broken up by facts and personal reflections from the mother of another diabetic.

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