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My name is Kyle Gottfried, as is obvious from the website's domain name (I hope). I must admit that I am not really very good at writing about myself, but here is an attempt.

I am currently a university student, who is studying the languages of English and German. I am currently on track to become a teacher or university professor. Yes, you guessed correctly, I will be teaching English to Germans, German to English-speakers, or general linguistics. Sounds fun... (Either that or I'll become a writer.)

I am sure you are asking: “Why a website?” Well, when I am not studying — which, honestly, isn't very often — I have a life. I enjoy many different things, including writing, computer programming, racing, auto repair, music, etc. So, back in 2006, I decided to combine my love of writing, computer programming, and racing to create a website — also realizing a dream. It has evolved over the years and more information is available here: About the Site

I hope that this hasn't been boring. Even if it is, you're the one who asked for it — you clicked on my link! I think I have touched on the surface and given the important points. If you want to find out about me, you are in the online haven regarding me. Look around, and you will certainly find something that brings out the true me — eventually.

Finally, for all you who are like me and like to know the handedness of a person... I am left-handed. So, I give all my left-handed visitors a special welcome.

With that, I say to all you, my visitors, “Thank you for visiting my website, and enjoy your time here!”

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